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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does AlchiMetis Does?

AlchiMetis is a specialized management and technology consulting company. Our core offerings are very limited and custom made. AM provides learning and training services to SMEs and SMBs to stay relevant in the competition.

What are technology areas AlchiMetis consult?

Our area of expertise is in Oracle BI and in Enterprise Performance Management.

Does AlchiMetis provide strategy consulting?

We do see technology as an enabler. In that sense we do provide required strategy advisroy on specific areas where technology has an impact on business strategy.

How does a typical engagement gets started?

We start with an initial ideation session. This is a free, brief discussion in which we learn about each other and we get a deeper understanding of your situation. We then present our solution approach and milestones.

If there’s mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project.

After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started.

What are the benefits to a business using AlchiMetis Consulting?

AlchiMetis takes a high touch approach to helping customers support their Oracle systems, without adding cost or complexity. AlchiMetis helps businessnes by enabling them to unlock extreme value in the following areas:

1. Performance  – Achieve high availability across the whole stack and tap the full potential of Oracle hardware/
software solutions.

2. Cost- Savings – Reduce risk and administrative tasks while enabling higher business productivity. Spend time on
strategic projects instead of fighting fires.

3. Innovation – Provide your business with immediate access to Oracle product enhancements and added features.

What are the qualifications of AlchiMetis to be a trusted partner?

There are three factors that makes AlchiMetis as a preferrred partner:

1. Oracle Certified – All leading consultant are Oracle Certified Professionals.
2. On-Prem and Cloud – Our service portfolio includes on-prem and cloud services with equal competency. 
3. Industry Experience – AlchiMetis derives its learnings from across the industry cross sections it has engaged previously on. Relying on these patterns helps us to reach to a solution faster.

Why use external consulting services at all?

This strategic planning process also involves making difficult decisions and planning for them.

Having an objective, an outside voice is extremely beneficial to keep you on a realistic and successful track.

We will always tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what we think you want to hear.